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    What’s Next For Birdbox?

    Whether you’re new to Birdbox or have been here since the beginning, you have been a major part of our growth and change. We have spent a lot of time gathering feedback from all of our users to point us in the right direction. So,…

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    Photo Sharing: A Journey Through Time

    The world has come a long way since the very first photo was taken in 1826 by French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. In fact, before the first commercial camera was introduced, it is estimated that only a few million pictures were taken in an 80…

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    5 Ways to Use Birdbox in College

    It’s that time of the year again! School is almost back in session! Some are starting their first year of college, leaving home and their families, and exploring newly found freedom. Other’s are more experienced, as they enter their 2nd, 3rd, 4th… 7th year  (you…

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    Tutorial: Simple real-time communication with Node.js, SockJS, and SocketRocket

    One of the problems I’ve had the most fun working on at Birdbox has been developing a rich, realtime experience that works across multiple platforms, maintaining data consistency and scalability. Thanks to the hard work of others, we can stand on the shoulders of giants…

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    Big Boulder 2013: A Look Inside

    Our CTO, Kevin Cawley, recently attended the Big Boulder 2013 event, hosted by Gnip. Big Boulder is one of the most exclusive shows in Boulder and is an invite-only experience. As a team, we were so excited to hear all about who he was meeting,…

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    Startup Advice: User Feedback and Data Driven Decisions

    In the world of startups, many decisions on what direction a product will take is largely decided upon by the wants of the founders. Birdbox’s CEO Ben Nunez, and CTO Kevin Cawley, have seen this over and over again and are willing to share their…

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    Birdbox’s Alpha Release: Learning, Feedback and Next Steps

      The day is here, the day is here! Birdbox’s Alpha release happened this week! We sent the site to a select group of individuals, and boy did we hear a lot of cheering! More than anything, the team here at Birdbox HQ was excited for…

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    Spring Break in Vegas: A Vacation Photo Sharing Story

    This blog is a guest post from Alixe Tobin; a graduating 2013 Senior from CU Boulder. Alixe is one of the select group of Alpha testers for the product before we launch, and used Birdbox on her spring break adventure as her vacation photo sharing…

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    To Beta or Not To Beta

    Last week, Birdbox launched our Alpha platform to a select group of family, friends and investors, with a plan to release Beta in the coming weeks. For those outside of the tech startup world, the meaning behind “alpha” and “beta” might be unfamiliar territory. So…

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    Wedding Photo Sharing Solution: An Interview

    Wedding Photo Sharing Dilemma   Birdbox recently interviewed a newlywed, Nicole, from Colorado on her experience with wedding photo sharing after the big day was over.   Birdbox: How many guests did you have at your wedding? Nicole: We invited 250 guests and had 212…

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